Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I have my tank serviced?
A: This depends on many factors, including how many people live in the house and water usage, but we recommend tank service on an annual basis.
Q: Why do I need to service my tank?
A: Regular servicing helps prevent solids from building up in your septic field which can lead to septic failure. Regular tank service helps prevent backups.
Q: How do I know if my tank is full?
A: Most tanks are a simple 2 compartment tank with one lid/access point. Open the lid, and you should be able to clearly see a dividing/baffle wall separating the 2 compartments. The side closest to your house is your "solid side", and the other is your "liquid side". In normal operations the liquid side will be lower than the solid side, and the solid side will be near the top of the divider/baffle wall. If you cannot see the divider, or both sides are near the top, your tank may be full and/or you may have pump or field issues. Contact us for assistance.
Q: It's snowing out, can you still service my tank?
A: We work 12 months of the year. Please make sure we have clear access to your septic tank and snow is cleared. We can take care of your septic needs in almost any condition.
Q: I have a bad smell coming from a drain, is there a problem with my septic tank?
A: The most common cause of a bad smell coming from drains is their lack of use. Most drains are set up with a "p-trap" which is designed to hold water and prevent smells from your sewer pipe coming back into your home. Sometimes in guest bathrooms or areas seldom used, the water in these traps evaporates, and the odours from your sewer pipe are free to come into the room. The simple fix is to run some water down the drain and fill the "p-trap".

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